GOG Launches “Indie Pinata” Sale, Offers $3 Indie Games

GOG Pinata

GOG has launched a new seven-day sale complete with an indie-game dispensing pinata.

While GOG got its start reviving and re-releasing retro games, it wasn’t long before the site expanded its catalog to include indie games and other more mainstream titles. That in mind, the digital retailer announced today that it will be hosting a new week-long sale aimed at celebrating its indie catalog while also giving its customers a chance to sample its wares at a discounted rate.

Beginning today and ending on September 18th, GOG’s new Indie Pinata sale will offer gamers discounts up to 80 percent on titles including Legend of Grimlock 2, Mousecraft, Kerbal Space Program and more. Along with these discounts, the site will also debut a new “piñata” feature that will let gamers pay three dollars to use a “[100 percent] whackable piñata” which will reward them with a random indie game ranging “anywhere from $9.99 to $44.99” in value. In other words, you could pay three bucks and wind up with a game worth nearly 15 times that amount.

“To keep things fresh,” GOG will swap out its current selection of game deals and piñata titles three days from now on September 14th. That in mind, it might be wise to swing by the site and check out the current round of deals to see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy. If nothing else, you can at least take a swing at the piñata.

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