GOG Winter Sale Discounts 600 Games, Fallout Series Free


For the next 48 hours Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics can be snagged for free from GOG.

Winter’s here, and while you could make a case for enjoying the season with some seasonal snowman building and what-not, we’re pretty sure there’s a good number of you who would be much happier hunkering down in your pajamas with some hot cocoa and a stack of videogames until spring arrives. Hoping to help with the stack of videogames part is GOG which, as of today, is launching its 2013 Winter Promo.

For the rest of the month more than 600 games in the GOG catalog are having their prices slashed up to 50 percent. These discounts will stay in place until December 29th, when the sale will end with an epic finale that will presumably offer even nuttier discounts on select titles. Moreover, GOG customers can currently get their hands on some classic games for free. Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics will sadly no longer be available in the site’s library come 2014 due to rights issues, so for the next 48 hours they can all be snagged completely free of charge. If that isn’t enough to convince you to pick them up, go ahead and check out our early edition Good Old Review of Fallout for some extra persuasion.

In addition to all of this, GOG is partnering up with well-known YouTube gamers who, every day, will be showcasing different titles from the digital retailer’s catalog. These spotlighted games will temporarily be sold for 75 percent off. GOG customers will also be invited to vote on daily game bundles that will, in turn, be privy to a whopping 80 percent discount. Finally, GOG customers will also receive daily “Mystery Boxes” containing special sale offers and even free games. The take away from all of this is that you’re probably going to want to stopping by GOG sometime soon.

Update: Thanks to free Fallout being more than a bit popular, GOG has been experiencing a massive influx of traffic that has resulted in some server problems that have been causing some customers trouble. The site, in turn, is working on quadrupling its servers to compensate.

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