GOG Last Chance Special

GOG’s game library will be losing 35 titles on September 2nd, 2014.

GOG had a big day yesterday, unveiling a complete overhaul to the site’s design as well as expanding its repertoire of content with new DRM-free movies grounded in the culture of video games. That being the case, not all of the news of announced by the digital games retailer was positive. Standing alongside the retailers new steps forward was the revelation of a sad step back.

More specifically, GOG revealed that at the beginning of September, its library will lose 35 games. The titles in question run the gamut of genres and include titles such as the Gothic series, the Amnesia games and more. Hoping to give its customers a final chance to purchase the games, the company has announced a “Last Chance Special” discounting the full list of departing products up to 80 percent.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that GOG has had to let games go. Back at the end of 2013, for instance, rights issues forced the company to remove the Fallout games from its library. What’s unclear right now is why the site is losing so many games at once. Responding to our inquiries, GOG wasn’t able to confirm any specific reason. Whatever the reason, we’d definitely recommend swinging back and taking a peek at the offerings in the sale. Not only are the prices great, but this could be your last chance to snag DRM-free copies of the included games. The sale itself will end on September 2nd, when the included titles make their official exit.

Source: GOG

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