While Google Earth used to just provide you with photos of the land masses, now you can delve deep into the sea.

Google Ocean, the first major upgrade to Google Earth, allows you to dive below the surface to explore the ocean floor. The map also includes 20 content layers, containing information from the world’s leading scientists, researchers, and ocean explorers.

Each of the Google maps – of the Earth, Oceans, Mars and the Moon – allows you to explore 3D representation of areas in great detail.

While 70% of the world’s surface is water, and 80% of all life calls it home, only 5% of it has ever been explored.

Google Ocean, part of Google Earth, aims to let users visit some of the more interesting locations, including underwater volcanoes, as well as running videos on marine life, shipwrecks and clips of favorite surf and dive spots.

“I cannot imagine a more effective way to inspire awareness and caring for the blue heart of the planet than the new Ocean in Google Earth,” said Sylvia Earle, the National Geographic Society’s explorer in residence, “For the first time, everyone from curious kids to serious researchers can see the world, the whole world, with new eyes.”

On the terrestrial side, there are also updates including GPS locating, the ability to watch areas change over time and narrated tours. Perfect for those areas that may come up at exam times or on pub quizzes.

Source: BBC

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