Oh yes, there will be blood.

Netflix’s Daredevil series has succeeded in doing far more than erasing the memory of the 2003 dud starring Ben Affleck; it’s quietly and quickly become one of the best commodities that Marvel has to offer, bar none. And by introducing The Punisher and Elctra in season 2, it looks like Daredevil is primed to get even better.

That’s because some Comic Con Experience attendees were treated to a first look at some footage from season two (introduced by none other Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung) last week, and this being the internet, one of them went and spilled the deets. The gory, gory deets.


First, allow us to set the scene. The footage opens with Matt Murdock in full Daredevil garb, searching through a meat locker for someone. Among the slabs of meat, however, hangs the bodies of a dozen or so victims.

“Matt searches the corpses with his super senses, not touching, only trying for heart beats, once he finds someone he rushes to aid the man: ‘I’ll take you off that’ (or something like it), he says as he tries to take the barely alive man off the hook.

After succeeding, he lays the guy (that I have no idea of how he could be alive considering how badly injured the dude was) on the ground and say something along the lines ‘Why did they do this to you?’ In which the guy mumbles ‘They? It was just a guy.’ Matt stays dead silent, camera focusing on him.”

CUT TO a rooftop at night. Murdock sneaks up on the one, the only Frank Castle, who has a taxi cab locked in the sights of his sniper rifle. A confrontation follows before Castle can squeeze his shot off…

“Running on the rooftop, he jumps and kicks the gun, amazingly diving over Frank to stop him. They soon engage on a fight, but when it was getting interesting and intense as fuck the scene was cut with the Daredevil logo and ‘2016 – NETFLIX.'”

So yeah, things are about to get violent.

Daredevil season 2 premieres on Netflix in 2016.

Source: Pajiba

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