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WB Montreal’s superhero team-up action game, Gotham Knights, has been delayed to 2022. An announcement was posted on the game’s official Twitter account today, saying that the studio is pushing the launch outside of the original 2021 window to give “the game more time to deliver the best possible experience for players.” On the bright side, the statement does say that we’ll get to see more “in the coming months.”

When it was first revealed at DC FanDome in August of last year, WB Montreal explained that Gotham Knights sees players cleaning up city streets after the apparent death of Bruce Wayne. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood have been set up as playable characters so far, each bringing their own unique abilities to the table. We got to see some of the crew in action in a lengthy gameplay walkthrough that was published soon after the reveal.

Fans have waited a long time to get their hands on WB Montreal’s Batman game; the studio started teasing the project way back in 2019. Mysterious imagery and hints then continued into 2020. It’s unclear when in 2022 Gotham Knights will launch following the delay, so stay tuned for further updates as the studio continues its work on the project.


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