Gotham Season 2 Brings Joker To The City


Gotham‘s second season will see Jerome Valeska fully transform into Batman’s greatest nemesis – The Joker.

Gotham‘s first season could be hit-and-miss at times, but the good episodes set a fantastic tone for the cops vs. supervillains Batman prequel. Now Fox is upping the ante with a “Rise of the Villains” Season 2 story arc. Outside of returning antagonists like Penguin and the Riddler, Gotham is finally fleshing out Batman’s greatest villain: The Joker himself.

Gotham already introduced Jerome Valeska (played by Cameron Monaghan), a carnival employee and minor villain in a Season 1 episode. But the episode also teased that Valeska himself would become the Joker, and Gotham‘s Season 2 teaser absolutely backs that theory up.

While the teaser is short on specifics, it appears the Galavan siblings, Penguin, and other villains have formed a new alliance to take Gotham’s streets back from an emboldened police force. Valeska is seemingly added to their number following a jailbreak, where his newly-adopted maniacal persona makes him a useful agent. Of course, if Valeska is the Joker, he has ambitions of his own – but still gleefully takes part in the Galavan plots, up to and including an assault on Gotham’s police station.

At the very least, Gotham Season 2 should raise the stakes and leave the city looking like a place that needs a Batman. The new season premieres on Sept. 21, 2015.

Source: YouTube, via GamesRadar

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