Grab a Steel-Wrapped Lightning Charging Cable That Won’t Break for Just $29.99


As you’ve probably noticed, the average charging cable doesn’t have a long lifespan. Before long, it frays, stops charging, and pretty falls apart. But this isn’t your average charging cable. Make the switch to the Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable. It’s just $29.99 at Escapist Deals.

Choose from black, gold, or rose gold. Whatever you opt for, you’ll get an industrial-grade cable that’s made to last and designed to stand up to anything. It’s wrapped in two layers of flexible steel that protect it from frays, and the Lightning and USB connectors are sealed with aluminum housing so they won’t crack when they’re stuffed at the bottom of your bag or stepped on at home. And since they’re MFi-certified, you know they’ll charge your devices safely.

Get the Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable for $29.99 at Escapist Deals.

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