Excel spreadsheets? Zzzz… Data analytics? Leave that to someone else. This Mac bundle is designed with creatives in mind…with everything you need to make more stuff, and make it better. Get the Supersized Creative Mac Bundle for 97% off at Escapist Deals.

Writers, photographers, designers, and creators of all kinds, this one’s for you. This packed bundle gives you instant access to 15 Mac apps and classes including:

Storyist for Mac: A must-have for writers, this mobile-friendly app lets you write your screenplay or manuscript whoever you are, even allowing you to add comments, images, headers footers, and more.

FaceFilter Pro 3: This one’s like a makeup artist in an app. Use it to smooth skin, remove blemishes, change expressions, and slim down faces in photos.

Printworks: Engadget calls this app a “one-stop publishing machine.” Use it to easily create brochures, flyers, business cards, labels, and more – you’ll have your pick of hundreds of templates.

Photographer Masterclass: Whether you’re using an iPhone camera or fancy DLSR, learn how to use it better — 13 hours of training will take you through how different cameras work, how to create well-composed shots, and more.

You’ll also find mind-mapping tools, video production training, web design courses, and more in this bundle. Get the Supersized Creative Mac Bundle for 97% off at Escapist Deals.

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