Gran Turismo 5 Creator Recommends 10GB Install


The ideal way to play Gran Turismo 5 will require a big-time hard drive install.

Polyphony Digital has confirmed that there will be no mandatory install for Gran Turismo 5, which will finally be released in November despite recent controversy that was flapping in the wind. However, Polyphony boss Kazunori Yamauchi does recommend a hefty one for optimal game performance.

Hopefully most racing game fans have a sizable chunk of hard drive space free on their PlayStation 3s, because Yamauchi recently answered a question through his Twitter account where he recommended that players perform an optional 10GB install. Yamauchi tweeted that this install would give a “smooth play experience.”

What he means exactly is unclear, as this information is from a short tweet, but he’s likely referring to loading times. Gran Turismo has always been a game with plenty of menus that players swap through as they check out new cars and new races, which requires lots of data to be at the ready.

Yamauchi also said that the game will only require 256MB of data to run. Considering that other games with presumably less content than this massive racing beast require an install, this is somewhat surprising, but welcome. Sony’s new slim model of the PlayStation 3 started at 120GB and was recently upgraded to 160GB, so 10GB isn’t out of the question, but earlier PS3 purchasers with a 40GB, or god forbid a 20GB, may find themselves staring at loading screens if they can’t free up some gigs.

Source: Andriasang

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