Gran Turismo Supercar Comes to Life in London


This may very well be the most awesome piece of gaming swag ever: The GT by Citroën, a supercar developed through a collaboration between the French car maker Citroën and Gran Turismo studio Polyphony Digital.

Gran Turismo 5 isn’t out yet but the GT by Citroën concept car is, a 3000 pound, 780 horsepower, two-seat monster that can kill people just by idling. “GT by Citroën shows how the worlds of virtual and real-life motoring can join together to create a truly innovative partnership,” said Polyphony Digital Director Kazunori Yamauchi, who co-designed the exterior of the car with Takumi Yamamoto of the Style Citroën team. “We were delighted that Citroën approached us and gave us the opportunity to combine our creative strengths to build this very special concept car. To see the car take shape in game and then for real has been a truly unique experience as our work normally stays in the digital world. I just hope I can get behind the wheel of GT by Citroën and drive it on a real race track!”

I think I’d be scared to drive this car, on a race track or anywhere else. For one thing, 780 horsepower means this car will go from zero to 100 so quickly that by the time you realize you’re doing 100 you’ve already hit 200, smashed into something and died. There’s also the fact when it goes into production – an estimated 20 are expected to be built, according to Wikipedia – the GT by Citroën will sell for $2 million. I’d have to work the rest of my life just to be able to afford to change a flat tire on the thing.

But it is a thing of beauty to see, isn’t it?

Source: GameCulture

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