Grand Theft Auto V AI Will Let Hell Loose When You Step Away


Los Santos might as well be alive with children at the wheels in Grand Theft Auto V.

YouTuber Naswas discovered the AI in Grand Theft Auto V will go bonkers on the streets if you sit and do nothing.

Naswas says he left the game running for a few minutes while he got food. He recorded a rather ridiculous traffic jam in the time he let the game do what it wanted without him.

As the character sits in the car at a red traffic light, some non-playable characters display a fundamental misunderstanding of traffic laws. Suddenly people are making left turns when they shouldn’t and cars are blazing ahead. Multiple cars crash into a bus and another car slams into the back of Naswas’ car in the game. It’s a green light, but everyone’s moving, including a man who starts running through the street only to get run over by a camper vehicle. Screams and car crashes continue for the rest of the three minutes of video as the police start shooting and people confusingly run into vehicles. The grand finale is, naturally, Michael Bay-style exploding cars. Just another day in the game’s fictional south California.

It just goes to show that the people of Grand Theft Auto V all need a babysitter on hand at all times.

Source: Naswas (YouTube) via Kotaku

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