Sure, the “issues” make Rage nigh-unplayable, but Bethesda wants you to know these problems aren’t the company’s fault.

Rage just came out today, and gamers are finally getting the chance to play id Software’s latest FPS title. Well, some gamers. It turns out that PC fans may have to wait for a while before they can actually play the game, since it turns out the PC port is something between embarrassingly flawed and totally broken. Rest assured, though, the problem isn’t id’s fault: it’s because your graphics card driver is to blame.

As seen in this video, the PC version of the game features a ton of texture pop-in and occasional tearing every time the perspective shifts. Our own forums also have reports and screenshots of how bad things look in the game.

Bethesda took to its blog to provide gamers with an update on the situation:

? Yesterday we posted the latest beta drivers for both card manufacturers on our blog. We’ve learned that AMD is reporting issues with their driver update, and you should not use it.
? Note on the Battlefield 3 beta drivers: CTD is 100% with those drivers. You need to update to the most recent driver. Grab it here!
? Nvidia users should try updating RAGE to the current beta driver. When this driver is updated, we’ll let everyone know.
? Stay tuned for more update [SIC]… and thank you for your patience!

As Justin Clouse noted in his review, Rage‘s primary strength is in its visuals. Unfortunately, it sounds like PC gamers will have to wait to enjoy them.

Source: Bethesda Blog via Joystiq

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