Bohemia Interactive’s “spies” finally catch a break.

After spending more than five months detained in Greece on spying charges, two Arma III developers from Bohemia Interactive are finally being allowed to return home. Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar need only pay their bail of 5,000 euros each and they are free to return to the Czech Republic.

The two were originally held by authorities in Greece after being accused of photographing certain military facilities in the country. Greece claimed it would levy spying charges against the two men, but Czech President Václav Klaus petitioned to have them released. While Greece has now confirmed that the two are free to return home, it’s unclear what additional legal hurdles may remain even after they depart to their homeland.

Buchta and Pezlar have become well known since their imprisonment, and the fact that they are both working on a highly anticipated military simulator only added more drama to the accusations of spying. Bohemia Interactive has denied the pair was doing any work in Greece – photography or otherwise – on its behalf, insisting that the men were simply on vacation.

Whatever the case, their holiday may have gone on a bit longer than they anticipated, but I think we’re all glad to see them return to their families.

Source: via VentureBeat

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