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GreedFall – Review in 3 Minutes


GreedFall is a story-driven RPG by Spiders. As the niece or nephew of a prince, you travel to a recently colonized island trying to foster peace with the natives and the colonizers who are destroying their land. Your personal goal is to find a cure for a plague infecting the population of your home country, including your mother. While your official position is legate for the Merchant Congregation, you’ll be working as an assassin, bodyguard, spy, diplomat, bounty hunter, and more before the end of the game. You have to choose how to help or hinder several factions of colonizers and natives across the island, decisions that will change the game’s last mission and ending but won’t impact much before that.

Unfortunately, GreedFall fails to deliver a living world or an epic, engaging story. The dialog is boring and repetitive, and few characters have a unique voice or vocabulary. The story is simplistic, predictable, and dull. The multitude of flaws even overshadows the thrill of combat. GreedFall has a lot of heart, but that doesn’t make the result any less sloppy. While it’s not a disaster, the game’s highlights aren’t enough to justify the amount of time it demands.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.

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