The trailer for The Green Hornet has hit the Web, and you know what? It looks like the movie will actually be a lot of fun.

I fell in love with the Green Hornet when I was eight and found a comic in an Idaho bookstore. I enjoyed the gritty and violent adventures, as well as the over-the-top storylines, and I’ve always had a mancrush on anyone who could pull off a fedora while fighting crime. When it was announced that Seth Rogen would be playing the Lone Ranger’s nephew in the upcoming Green Hornet film, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. However, after viewing the trailer (which was released to the Web last night), I’m willing to admit that the adaptation looks like it could be immensely fun.

Rogen has admittedly shed over thirty pounds for the role of Britt Reid, which means he doesn’t look absurd during his few action scenes in the trailer. He also seems a lot goofier and &mdash to an extent &mdash a bit more innocent than the way the character was played by Van Williams in the 1960s TV show. Meanwhile, Jay Chou’s straightlaced and long-suffering portrayal of Kato seems like a perfect counterbalance to Rogen.

Even Michel Gondry’s unusual visual style makes an appearance in a brief fight moment, and it looks neat instead of gimmicky. The only thing that I couldn’t have cared less about was Cameron Diaz’s five seconds of screen time; in her defense, we’ll have to wait and see just how big a role the character of Lenore Case is given before a final judgment can be rendered.

Overall, there’s a lot of potential here. Between the goofiness, the sense of fun, and what look like some great action sequences, here’s hoping this causes a whole new generation to embrace both the Green Hornet and Kato.

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