Green Lantern Game Coming With Movie?


Green Lantern will finally get a game of his own when Double Helix develops a Green Lantern game to coincide with the upcoming movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

2011 is looking to be the year the Green Lantern finally gets his due. Having played second fiddle to super friends Superman and Batman for too long, the Lantern will have his turn in the spotlight when a movie (starring Ryan Reynolds of Van Wilder fame as Hal Jordan) hits theaters along with a game developed by Double Helix, according to VentureBeat.

The Green Lantern game, according to VentureBeat’s sources (who are “close to the project”), has been talked about for more than a year now, but development hasn’t gotten into high gear until very recently. Maybe this has something to do with the Ryan Reynolds announcement, maybe not.

In any case, the game will mark the superhero’s first time ever headlining his own videogame. The character has appeared in numerous Justice League games and most recently in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (in which he was totally overpowered), but has never had a starring role in a game.

Double Helix is best known for developing Silent Hill: Homecoming and are currently working on another beloved geek franchise with G.I. Joe, as well as the recently announced Front Mission Evolved. Warner Bros will be publishing the game.

Good or not, the Green Lantern game should at least fulfill a fantasy surely some of us hold, namely, to be Ryan Reynolds. It’s not a bad fantasy to have. I mean, the dude is rich and, more importantly, married to Scarlett Johansson.

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