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Green Lantern Series on HBO Max Reveals Character Details

Green Lantern greenlit plot character details Green Lantern HBO Max series Seth Grahame-Smith Marc Guggenheim Berlanti Productions

Green Lantern has the… wait for it… green light. The HBO Max series, first announced last year and coming from Arrowverse producer Berlanti Productions, has been officially greenlit and ordered into production with plot and character details revealed as well. The streamer has ordered 10 episodes of the show with Seth Grahame-Smith acting as showrunner and co-writing and executive producing with Marc Guggenheim.

The new show, which will hopefully help recover the property from its disastrous film outing, will not focus on Hal Jordan or any other specific Green Lantern but instead on a multitude of members of the Green Lantern Corps, the army of heroes who protect the universe. Lanterns will include Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Alan Scott (the earth’s first Green Lantern), and Kilowog alongside some new arrivals to the Corps. Sinestro will also make appearances.

Of note is the lack of Hal Jordan or John Stewart in that lineup. They are the two most well-known Lanterns, but their exclusions hint that DC might still be trying to bring Green Lantern to the big screen as well and doesn’t want to double-dip for its HBO Max series. It’s also unclear just what DC universe the show will take place in. Guggenheim has close ties to the Arrowverse and Berlanti Productions runs all those shows, so the most likely place for it is in the Arrowverse. But by leaving out Hal Jordan and John Stewart, DC might be signaling that it’s going the Disney route with the DCEU and creating streaming content that ties into the cinematic universe. Of course, none of it has to be connected as DC is well on its way to establishing a multiverse and can simply put every show in its own little corner if it wants.

That multiverse will have plenty of space on HBO Max. The service is not only already home to Harley QuinnDoom Partrol, and Titans but will be getting a flurry of new DC-based shows including Justice League Dark, a The Batman spin-off, a The Suicide Squad spin-off, and the mythical Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueJustice League reportedly was to have introduced the Green Lantern Corps to the DCEU, but it was ultimately cut.

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