Greenlight Goes On For 14 More Games


The latest round of Greenlighting will see 14 new games added to Steam, including the innovative horror game Among the Sleep and the Deadly Premonition director’s cut.

Another day, another round of lights going green on Steam. Without further fuss, here’s the list of the latest 14 titles to take the next big step toward fame and fortune:

Two software titles, Dexster Audio Editor and GraphicEditor openCanvas, also made the cut.

Hopefully there’s something in that list that floats your boat. I’m happy to see Among the Sleep make it, of course, while my compadre Paul Goodman can barely contain his all-caps excitement for Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. Project Awakened looks interesting if perhaps a bit over-ambitious – its $500,000 Kickstarter fell well short of goal – and while I’m not sure the world needs another remake of an old Half-Life shooter, I’ll probably give Operation Black Mesa some attention too.

As always, getting the green light doesn’t mean these games will be released anytime soon; each one will come out independently, in the weeks, months or possibly even years ahead, when they’re ready to go.

Source: Steam

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