Griefer Nation

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Girl Power, our issue on women and gaming, has gone on to be the most-read issue in the magazine to date, and letters and response continue to trickle in. The often controversial topic of women gamers and the attitudes toward them provides fodder for interesting debate.

Not being ones to keep away from stirring the pot for too long, we are covering another contentious topic this week: griefers. We invited several of our writers to express thoughts on and experiences with griefers and they had plenty to say. Dave Thomas contributed a piece on the greatest griefer of all – you have to read it to understand. Jim Rossignol stepped up with a look at some of the greatest acts of grief in EVE Online, including an infamous heist of over $10,000 of real-world cash. And Mark Wallace told us of the day The Grid disappeared in Second Life.

Enjoy these articles and more in this week’s The Escapist.


Julianne Greer

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