Gran Turismo Prologue 5 will hit stores in North America within a month, so it was a convenient time for Sony to inform buyers that GT5 proper is still a year away.

Making a bit of a sales pitch on the PlayStation Blog, SCEA Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda told fans:

“[T]o further clarify, GT5 is still about a year away. You should just decide now to buy [Prologue], enjoy it, go online and race against anyone and everyone, rank number one worldwide, get the girl (or guy) and become the most popular kid in town. The end.”

Many gamers were keeping their eyes peeled for GT5, although Prologue is no slouch. It will include 60 cars, six tracks, online play, drift mode, tuning and a new in-cockpit view showing off the driver’s hands and accurate gauges.

Source: Ars Technica

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