Gran Turismo 5‘s release in Japan last week helped more than doubled PS3 sales, but it may not stay the country’s top-seller for long.

The long-awaited release of Gran Turismo 5 has been unsurprisingly huge in Japan. Over 430,000 units were sold, including those that happeend to be bundled with a special edition blue PS3.

The game managed to help sell 68,840 PS3 consoles, which is more than double the amount from last week (29,058). However, the PSP still outsold the PS3, even though its sales numbers were down from 96,601 last week to 75,689.

According to, Gran Turismo 5‘s position at the top of the charts may be short-lived:

It’s unlikely that Gran Turismo‘s reign at number one will last long, however – yesterday saw the launch of Monster Hunter Portable 3 for the PSP. Huge crowds queued outside many of Japan’s electronics retailers, with lines of up to 3000 customers reported outside popular shops.


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