The PSP version of Rockstar Games’ wildly underloved Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is scheduled for release on Sony’s handheld on October 20, the company revealed via its Facebook page earlier today.

Alongside the imminent release date, Rockstar also let it be known that the firm would be releasing the first official images from the game “soon.”

As one of the bafflingly small number of people who played through Chinatown Wars’ original Nintendo DS iteration, and completely loved the experience, I’m extremely curious how Rockstar plans to bring the game to Sony’s system.

The original made extensive use of the DS’ touch screen capabilities — almost moreso than any other DS release to date — and being unable to tap the PSP’s screen to break out of submerged vehicles or manipulate virtual screwdrivers in an attempt to hijack a stolen car could make the game seem subpar when compared to its predecessor.

Then again, Rockstar has the personnel and cash to work through almost any limitations. Remember: We all scoffed when they mentioned a Nintendo DS Grand Theft Auto after so many years of enjoying the series’ detailed 3-D worlds.

Guess we have a two month wait to see how the company has fared.

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