GTA V Mod Adds Pilotable Flying Saucer

The mod requires a modded console to work.

First up, sorry, PC gamers, but this isn’t a mod for the unconfirmed-but-totally-coming-soon PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, but the PS3 version of the game. Some dedicated modders, disappointed by the fact that while you could collect spaceship parts in GTA V, and even witness the ship itself if you get 100% completion, a pilotable ship didn’t exist anywhere in the retail game. So, they modded one in.

The mod, which you can download here, unfortunately requires a modified Xbox 360 or PS3 to run, and a little bit of knowledge on how game files are stored to installed. Once you’ve got it working though, it basically switches your “parachute” to the UFO vehicle, allowing you free flight over the city of Los Santos.

Check out the footage to the right to see the spaceship in action, which despite being the same spaceship you can see in Mount Chiliad, when you get 100% completion in the game, has a fully-detailed interior. You can’t help but think that a pilotable UFO was something Rockstar intended to put into the final version of the game, but got the cut at some point in development.

Usually, it’s the crazy GTA IV PC mods that we hear about, so it’s cool to see that we are already seeing interesting mods despite the game only being out on last-gen consoles. I can only imagine the crazy stuff we’ll see once the PC mod scene finally gets their hands on it.

Rockstar. GTA V PC version. Plz.

Source: Kotaku

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