Guerilla May Change Killzone 2‘s Controls


Killzone 2 dev Guerilla Games is looking into the possibility of changing the game’s controls in response to player complaints about their sluggishness.

Killzone 2‘s controls have become something of a talking point in the aftermath of the game’s release. Some users have complained that they’re unresponsive or sluggish, while defenders of the game have oft used the argument that they’re “not slow, they’re weighty.” In our own review, Jordan Deam wrote that “it sometimes feels like the controls are working against you, especially if you’re sensitive to input lag.”

Though Guerilla was previously staunch in maintaining that no changes were necessary to the system, now it seems that they are giving it a second look. “We have not decided if we are going to do anything to the controls,” producer Seb Downie wrote on the US PlayStation Boards. “We are investigating.”

Downie says that any changes to the controls won’t drastically alter the way the game currently plays, and seems to be urging fans to not get their knickers in a bunch about all this nonsense. “No reason to get upset,” he said. “We are not going to turn them on their head. It would not be sweeping changes.”

Guerilla had previously explained that the perceived slowness of the controls was an intentional design decision meant to “to make the game weightier” and that Killzone 2 is a “slower, more tactical first person experience that focuses on immersion.” It sounds like that plan backfired on them, and the controls are breaking immersion rather than increasing it. Let’s hope Guerilla can come up with a control scheme that’ll assuage all the haters but not rile up the people on the opposite side of the fence. We all know how rowdy they can get.

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