Sir Digimus.

I recently started FFXI on the PS2. Don’t really have too many allies yet, but a Galka Monk has been helping me out from time to time.

I had finished my first mission in Bastok and decided to proceed to the second. Of course, this is the Geo-Survey. My friend warned me that it would be tough, and it took him and two others to make it through the goblins and such. Unfortunately, I had already made my way on foot to the Wadi and didn’t want to turn back.

I went through where I felt I should go. I simply looked at the map I had and chose. I had no secret advice given to me whatsoever. I made it to the geyser fairly quickly, got the read reading, and turned back to give the results to Cid.

I got a tell from my friend not long after that. I got quite a surprised reaction out of him when I informed him that I had not run into any creatures at all. This greatly confused my friend, and myself.

I was wondering if you had any insight as to how a Level 6 (possibly 5) Thief accomplish alone what several warriors respawned for.

Thanks for the help.

Dear Matthew,

Congratulations on your completion of a mission, and your ascention into the ranks of true adventurers. Master Cid is a busy man, and I know that he always appreciates a helping hand in the matters of his… well… unique ideas. The man has ambition, I’ll give him that.

As to why you made it though such a perilous journey unscathed, well, I had to dig deep on this one, but the answer was right in front of me. Upon consulting my calendar of events, it seems that at the time that you ventured into goblin infested lands, the Annual Goblin Extravaganza and Livestock Show was taking place.

Believe it or not, goblins hold this Faire annually where they have games, activities, and seminars including one on “Serving Man.” Mind you, this isn’t on how to be our servants, more like what garnish goes best with a Taru Taru Kabob. It is amazing that such a filthy, heathenistic race (much like the other beastmen) could be so organized, but it is true. So yes, you can consider yourself lucky that, even though you were unaware of it, this event saved you the trouble of having to exercise your stealth or standard muscles.

Then again, if you had your Monk friend along, you would have likely met with a similar lack of resistance. There are some things that not even spices can hide.

Watchful of his calendar,
-Sir Digimus.

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