Guide to the Weary Traveler

Guide to the Weary Traveler: It’s not the size of your sword…


Dear Sir Digimus!

Things are so expensive! I can’t buy anything, and people poke fun at this when I am not sporting Vermillion Cloaks, or Astral Rings! The worst part is that sometimes I do better than they do with all their fancy junk. Why are thigns this bad? I don’t think it is going to be fun being an adventurer much longer if there is this huge pressure to have great gear, yet when I try to get taht gear I have to farm. Though! I can’t farm if I am not high enough level.

Help me out

Dear Mr… er… my… that is quite a name. I’ll call you Digi for short, that way, it is like we are old chums.

Dear Mr.Digi,

Yes, the world has taken an interesting turn as far as adventurer finance is concerned. I do believe I addressed money making in a previous letter. But, in summation, I think it best to not give up so soon. Though many of you choose this “farming” for money as an option, a science even my wisest of Taru friends cannot decipher, I still believe that you may get a much better investment from crafting. There are so many trades, that one must strike your fancy. If not, our harbormasters here in Windhurst are always looking for adventures to fill their hoppers with fresh catches from the seas of Vana’diel.

Your experience with other adventurers harassing you is distressing. Not that I am much of a “daily adventurer”, but I do think I have observed this on more than one occasion in my travels to Jeuno. That place is a madhouse of merchants and adventurers who wouldn’t know courtesy if it slapped them. There is a nearly constant state of would be merchants yelling and screaming for attention, like babies with a full diaper rag. And they never learn! They just yell louder and louder over each other. Really, the state of affairs sometimes… oh… I am rambling again. Where was I? Ah yes, rude adventurers.

They are everywhere Mr.Digi. Sufficed to say, one could not swing the proverbial dead coeurl without hitting a rude adventurer. In the case of “Equipment Inadequacy” I think this is more a sign of an “insecure” adventurer. More than likely, they attempted to court or, if you can pardon my pun, “cat call” some attractive young Mithra, and were laughed at, or simply swatted like a hornet pestering a Galka. Their ego dealt a mighty blow, this adventurer has now tried to compensate by using the biggest two-handed sword and shiniest armor gil can buy, in hopes of impressing this girl. (Of course, this still doesn’t change the fact that he is an odiferous toad…) The gil was spent in vain, and to cover his embarrassment, this adventurer now proclaims himself a standard that we all must adhere to. I don’t know about you Mr.Digi, I think following in the footsteps of a fool would be… well, foolish.

So, take comfort in the fact that you are secure in your “adventurehood” without trinkets or potions promising bigger blows, and longer spell duration.

Saying it loud, and proud.
-Sir Digimus

P.S. – Would you care to share this “Gil Gardening” technique? I know all us botany enthusiasts are all anxious to know.

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