Guide to the Weary Traveler

Guide to the Weary Traveler: Where, oh where does that Gil come from?


Sir Digimus

I have been playing FFXI for little time now. I started on the PS2. Why is it so hard to get gil? I have been trying to buy things like spells and euipment only to find that as soon as I get that I need more again!!!! I try to farm gil, but it is frustrating. Does an old adventurer have any suggestions on making money? I am sure lot of people are all ears.

Thank you

Dear Ryan,
I am sorry to hear that you are struggling in this world of ours that seems to have limitless possibilites for adventurers such as ourselves. Money is indeed a large and foreboding hurtle that we must all over come, though you have raised an interesting option which I had not considered.

You mention this “farming” for gil. I am perplexed as I never knew that plant life could actually produce coinage. I and other alchemists are intrigued as to what you do to get your gil to take root. With the aid and supervision of some of my fellow agricultural engineers we attempted to see if we could reproduce the effect that you describe in several different and unique locations. Unfortunately the best we came back with were some nasty Malboro bites and illness from exposure to the extreme conditions we thought necessary to trigger such a remarkable event. Perhaps we have overthought this? Or perhaps you are the man with the Golden Thumb?

Giving up on the “get rich quick” scheme that you seem to have a monopoly on, I used my normal methods of gil earning. For me, it is in the art of Alchemy. Most of the adventurers are willing to pay top dollar for the medicines they may need when facing the dangers of our land. In addition to Alchemy, many of the other trade schools’ crafts are sought out as well. Which item you can craft, and make a profit with, is something that you should ask other crafters of your trade. Though to get yourself in such a position takes capital and time.

Remembering back I cannot say what was my “best” way to produce gil. I believe the simplest was to sell the element crystals necessary for crafting, and any other items that the beasts and men alike dropped. It can be a slow process, but it is rewarding in the end.

Oh wait! A friend of mine has returned with more results on your theory. Hmm… it would seem that we now have a giant mandragora rampaging about that we need to ur… get under control. In closing, I do not believe money grows on trees. Or mandragoras for that matter.

I’m a lover, not a farmer.
-Sir Digimus

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