Guide to the Weary Traveler

Guide to the Weary Traveler: I Want to Make the Road I Walk the ‘Right’ One.


Dear Mr. Digimus,
I’ve bought Final Fantasy XI not to long ago, but haven’t started playing yet, although I have at a friends house, and was wondering… Which race/job combination do you, personally, think is the best to start out as? I’ve played at my friend as a Taru Taru/Monk (that was during the beta, before I knew about racial stats), Hume/Warrior, Elvaan/White Mage, and Elvaan/Warrior. I found being a White Mage really interesting, and the Monk was also really fun.. I can’t wait ’till I get my new computer, which is why I haven’t played yet, and was wondering which you thought may be the best.

PS: Great Job on the column :).


Dear Rubin,

It is a most fascinating dilemma you raise: if one were able to determine what race they could be brought into the world as, would any of us choose to be who we already are? How many of us, at some point in our lives, have wished were as strong as a Galka, had the magical proess of a Taru Taru, be as quick as a Mithra, or have the impeccable fashion sense, inscrutable wit, and indispensable charm of an Elvaan Red Mage?

Perhaps you should begin by answering the question posed upon every hapless young being on this planet: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We had a “Career Day” at the school I attended as a young man, where representatives from all types of occupations spoke of their experiences, and the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen fields. If you have an interest in joining the holy order, perhaps you should talk with other White Mages to get their opinions.

As for my opinion, I say “pah” to the institution of statistical morass! Don’t allow yourself to be restrained by what others think you *should* do based on the way you were born. I can imagine that a Taru Taru Monk would be feared by many male opponents due to certain advantages of their diminutive size. You could become the most famous Monk the world has ever seen with your unique groin destroying prowess. Even female opponents would be caught off guard as you lured them in with your insurmountable cuteness only to deal a crushing blow to the windpipe as they reached down to pat your fuzzy head.

You can be who you want to be, let your soul, and your body, and your mind be free. One of a kind. We are “all that”. And going all the way is where I’m at, with delivery smooth, like water from a fountain, that’s why I can move any mountain…. move any mountain…

*slaps self*

Sorry, about that, I’ve had a recent run-in with a bard that has been causing me to channel spirit voices from a another dimension.

Confused but confident,
-Sir Digimus

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