Dear Mr. Digimus

I have seen countless forums where people complain about White Mages charging for a raise. Most people feel it is the White Mages duty to raise someone and that even though they may have to run across countless zones, stop doing what they were doing (which is probably gaining xp with the party they are in, the people hollering for raises are not in your party) etc… etc…. I usually hear that people are so against White Mages charging for raises but seem fit to pay for being teleported. Both takes time away from the mage and yet one seems to be more excepted then the other. I am also told that with a raise you only gain anywhere from 10 to 30% of your xp anyway so what is the point. You said that it is unethical for a whitemage to charge for a raise. Then why is it not unethical to charge for a teleport. It seems to be excepted for some reason, and I don’t understand that at all. I am a White Mage and I am on the fence to weither I ! will charge for either (raise or teleport). But if one is wrong shouldn’t they both be?


Dear Burning Cross,

To charge a man dying of thirst for a drink of water is wrong, to charge alazy traveller for a ride on your chocobo is commerce. One is a matter oflife and death (literally!) and one merely a matter of convenience. It is the sworn duty of the White Mage to heal and protect. Teleportation doesn’t fall under either of those categories, and therefore is not covered by the Holy Code of Ethics.

I see nothing wrong with charging for a teleport, but why don’t we take this one step further? I propose the Transvanadiel Teleportation Network! White Mages looking to earn a little extra tithe for their holy order will wait outside popular dungeons for adventurers in need of a quick way home. They will teleport them to a central location (we’ll call this the “hub”…) where several more White Mages will be waiting to transfer them to their desired location! (At an additional fee, of course.) Particularly far away destinations may be accompanied by a free meal, although short journeys will only have a beverage service and a small sack of oversalted nuts.

This is brilliant! We can put the airships out of business! Why wait two hours before your flight to deal with security hassles when you know everyone is armed anyway? I say it’s about time we show those money-grubbing monopoly holders that we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take anymore! Long live the TTN!

Drunk on my own genius,
-Sir Digimus

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