Guild Wars 2 Goes Free For a Week


The MMO gets a week-long free trial next week, along with a discounted price and new content.

ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 recently turned a big, fat one year old. Our Justin Clouse liked it back when it came out, but MMO’s exist in a constant state of flux. If you’re curious about how well it’s holding up these days, you’ll get to see for yourself in the upcoming trial week. If you like it, you can also purchase it at a discounted price and stay in the subscription-free world of Tyria after the event’s finished.

The trial will run next week, from September 27th to October 3rd. If you like what you see, you’ll also be able to purchase the Digital Heroic Edition at a special $39.99 price. Make sure you stop and check out the Super Adventure Box while you’re at it!

During the trial period, the new Twilight Assault update will go live as well. It will open up a new path in the Twilight Arbor for level 80 characters. The quest will lead players into a hidden fortress, past guards and traps, right into the high-level monsters at the end. It also comes with new achievements, rare items, and a Slickpack backpack skin that tells everyone of your exploits. After the free trial ends, a new season of the massive-scale World vs World begins, which will last until November 21st. Looks like there’s a lot going on in Tyria!

Players should be able to set up a trial account here when it begins Friday afternoon.

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