Guild Wars Nightfall Free Weekend On The Way


ArenaNet has announced that the new Guild Wars Nightfall expansion will get a free weekend of play for everyone from September 22nd to 24th.

While Guild Wars Nightfall is not set for release until late October, users will have access to a free sneak-peak over the weekend preview event. Like the previous Factions expansion, Nightfall can be played without owning the original Guild Wars game.

According to ArenaNet, the preview weekend will also be the first chance for players to experience the new Heroes feature, which will have an impact on the narrative of the game. According to the official site, “These Heroes can be customized and even controlled by players as they progress through the game.” Expect more information on that next week.

The event begins at 12:01 PDT on September 22nd, check back to the official site for download instructions once it goes live.

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