“Don’t believe everything you read.”

Well here’s a happy surprise, Pacific Rim 2, last seen being put on indefinite hiatus, may still be alive out there. Director Guillermo del Toro just posted the following Tweet regarding the film’s status:

So according to the man behind the wheel, the ship is still afloat. It’s certainly good to hear that no matter what happens, he will stick with it in one way or another, as I have no doubt his unique style is what helped to make the original Pacific Rim such a cult classic.

Before Legendary and Warner Bros. put the sequel on indefinite hold, it was scheduled for a 2017 release. Filming was to start last November.

The film was shelved reportedly due to a difference in opinion between Legendary and WB. Despite the movie obviously being awesome, it didn’t do too well in the US, which is why WB is hesitant for a sequel. However, in China, where Legendary is heavily invested, the movie performed extremely well.

Either way, lets hope that del Toro can work through this and get the film back on the ground!

Source: Twitter.

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