Gul’dan is a new ranged-assassin archetype character for Heroes of The Storm.

Lots of big news for Blizzard fans this week, and Heroes of The Storm is joining in on the fun. Gul’dan, the Betrayer has joined the nexus as the game’s newest ranged-assassin archetype character. He’s available to play right now.

“Betrayer of the Orcs. Founder of the Shadow Council. Creator of the Death-Knights. Destroyer of Dreams. Gul’dan – the first Orcish Warlock, has held many titles throughout his storied and… troubled… history. Now transported to the Nexus, we’ll see if he has what it takes to stand against opponents more powerful than he has ever faced and claim his natural title: Darkness Incarnate!”

You can check out the video to the right, or click through to his official blog post to learn a bit more about his abilities and hero synergies.

Source: Blizzard

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