Gundam Meets Halo in Awesome Action Figure


What do you get when you cross Halo‘s Master Chief with a giant robot from Japan’s iconic Gundam franchise?

Answer: You get the action figure seen here to the right.

The image here shows a hybrid between the MJOLNIR power armor of Halo‘s ass-kicking protagonist, the Master Chief, and the iconic Zaku II Mobile Suit used by the enemy pilots of the Duchy of Zeon in the groundbreaking Mobile Suit Gundam anime. It’s also completely awesome.

Unfortunately, it would seem that this particular figurine won’t be available in stores anytime soon – it’s purely a custom job done by its creator, made by taking a Master Grade Zaku II model kit and customizing the hell out of it. That said, this thing does look really cool, and if Microsoft and Bandai ever teamed up to make this an actual kit, I would buy one in a nanosecond.

I mean, we all know that Halo is busy nudging its way into the anime scene, so why couldn’t we have a crossover between the two universes, huh? Screw the Covenant, we have Newtypes and Minovsky Particles!

A man can dream, can’t he?

(Figure.FM via Mecha Damashii)

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