Kinect can be used to play rafting games, or to force a robot to act out a human vendetta. Your choice.

Reading and transferring human skeletal movement is the bread-and-butter of Kinect, and now one hacker is using its powers to control the beginnings of a robot army. Kinect robot control has been done before, but never has it looked so threatening.

YouTube’s Ikaziso is able to control a V-Sido robot using his own movements through Kinect. The hack evidently translates these movements into V-Sido’s software which otherwise controls the robot through a computer by using a mouse .

With Kinect though, Ikaziso demonstrates how easy it could be to convince someone that this robot is alive. A plethora of movements can be performed by the V-Sido, and it can even stand on one foot and carry foreign objects.

With a bigger robot, a camera, and voice box, this hack is the perfect method of doing errands without ever leaving the house. Unlike the Kinect hack that gives people jiggly boobs, Ikaziso’s actually seems like it could be useful. Nobody would ever use something like this for evil, right?

Source: Techabob

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