Halo 3 Cans Clan Plans


2Old2Play interviews Bungie’s Frank O’Connor about clan support in Halo 3.

2Old2Play, a website for older gamers, got a brief chance to talk with Frank O’Connor, Bungie’s Lead Writer, about the lack of any mention of online clans during previous Halo 3 interviews. He responded with a brief discussion on the future of Xbox Live and the feature’s reception when it was introduced in Halo 2.

2Old2Play: How does Microsoft expect Halo 3 to have the longevity of Halo2 without clan support?

Frank O’Connor: Halo 3 is going to have far more longevity than Halo 2, thanks to new features like Forge, Saved Films, player traits, custom game variants and online co-op. Clan support not only had little to do with Halo 2s longevity, but in fact proved quite unpopular relative to other matchmaking types and activity. That said, does plan to increase support for clan-like activities in the very near future. More news on that later.

2O2P: Does Xbox Live have anything in the works as a solution to remedy the lack of “clan support” for Halo 3?

FO: Xbox Live continues to upgrade features and specifications. It is possible that community functionality will be improved in the future. This question may be better answered by the Xbox Live team.

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