A Halo 3 fan who won accolades for a popular game video has been griefed by other players envious of his in-game status.

SkyllusvBi, a player in the professional gaming squad Team vBi, received a rare ‘Recon Armor’ accolade from Bungie for his video efforts.

Available only to a handful of company employees and community members, the coveted in-game status symbol has drawn the ire and envy of other gamers who have hacked into Skyllus’ account.

His Xbox Live account has been hacked three times since late October and the latest attack is the most serious.

An apparently lethargic customer support team has told him he could not regain control of his own account, which allows for online multiplayer and contains personal and credit card information.

After several hours of pressing customer service, however, Skyllus was informed that Microsoft would investigate the incident.

Source: Joystiq

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