Halo: Reach Trailer Set to Silly Literal Lyrics


Did you ever wonder what a trailer would look like if the narration actually described what was going on – and the whole thing was set to song? No? Me neither, but someone sure did.

One of my favorite YouTube memes in recent years was the “literal music video” – reimagined music videos where the lyrics described the action that was taking place on-screen. It was hilarious, it was witty, and it just made me giggle.

Now, someone has given the (admittedly really cool) Halo: Reach trailer the same treatment. It’s a short video because it’s a short trailer, but it manages to be surprisingly funny in the brief amount of time that it has. I think my favorite bit has to be the “Turn the gun forward / why wasn’t it already turned forward? / Now you’re dead” part, but really, it’s all very close.

Frankly, if every videogame trailer had this treatment I could die a happy man.

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