Halo Spartan & Stormtrooper Romance is Just Meant to Be

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Halo‘s Spartans may be able to shoot Covenant all day long, but what happens when they get shot – by Cupid?

In Halo, the Spartans are the elite-est of humanity’s elite, super soldiers who tear through the Covenant like tissue paper. In Star Wars, the Imperial Stormtroopers are said to be elite and highly trained, but they can barely hit the broad side of a Jawa sandcrawler.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t find romance together. That doesn’t mean that they can’t share their hobbies and lives together, even if they get strange looks from passersby – not for their battle armor, but for their undeniable love.

This silly little video is the work of Austin, Texas resident Adam Grumbo, and worth two minutes of smiles if nothing else. If only it were as sexy as the end of Haloid, though. Alas, we can only dream.

(via Kotaku)

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