Hard Reset Gameplay Trailer Debuts


The first Hard Reset gameplay trailer is out, showing off action that’s fast, furious and quite literally eye-gouging.

No, the visuals in this new Hard Reset trailer won’t reach over and pluck your eyes out, but remember the steel-jawed hardass who showed up in the announcement video? Let’s just say that he ain’t so pretty no more. Experience, as the trailer warns, comes at a price and that price is apparently your face.

Looking at the gameplay side of the coin, what do we see? The visuals are decent, if not exactly cutting edge, and surprisingly colorful for a game set in an end-of-the-world future in which humanity is making its last stand against the onslaught of the machines. The two guns on display don’t have the knock-you-on-your-ass visceral kick of a good old-fashioned boomstick, but they look appropriately futuristic and appear to have a flexibility to them that you just won’t find in your average, everyday coach gun.

It’s impossible to make any sort of definitive judgment about a game based solely on a fast-cut first trailer, but there’s something magical about debut releases from eastern European shooter studios that makes just about anything possible. In other words, my hopes are high! Just remember to wear CSA-approved protective goggles at all times while playing.

Flying Wild Hog’s Hard Reset comes out in September, exclusively for the PC.

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