Harmonix and MTV Games Announce Rockband.com


Harmonix, MTV Games and Electronic Arts have released details about Rockband.com, a new social community website that will support the upcoming Rock Band videogame.

The site will debut alongside Rock Band, a Guitar Hero-style videogame in which players perform in “virtual bands” with simulated guitars, drums and microphones. Harmonix was the company behind the first three titles in the Guitar Hero series.

The Rockband.com website will include personal and band pages with in-game profiles and stats, classifieds to help find other like-minded rockers and band mates, leaderboard charts, blogs, forums and more. “Rockband.com blurs the lines between fantasy and reality,” said Rockband.com producer Melissa Macaulay. “The site allows you to hype your in-game band’s accomplishments, while providing a forum to meet other real-life people and potential band mates who share your musical tastes.”

“We see Rockband.com as a true extension of the Rock Band world,” added Harmonix Creative Director Josh Randall. “It will be an awesome way to meet new people who have similar musical tastes. With Rockband.com, players will be able to come together and express themselves in a collaborative manner, which is what playing music is all about.”

Harmonix has teamed with San Francisco-based Mekanism to create the site. Pete Caban of Mekanism said, “The bands and rockers that you can create in Rock Band are insanely unique, and it’s going to be fascinating to watch this community come to life.” Both Rock Band and the Rockband.com social community website will be launched on November 20.

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