Harpist Plays the Morrowind Theme and It Is Awesome


The harp may not be the most obvious choice of instruments with which to interpret the Morrowind theme but I have heard it [and seen it] and it is stirring and beautiful.

Gillian [soft G, X-Files style] Grassie is a harpist. She strikes me as a pretty good harpist, although I’m not really in a position to judge such things since I know zip about harps or the people who play them. But I do know a little about videogame music, and I know a lot about The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, so I can say with absolute authority that her version of the Morrowind theme, as played on the harp, totally rocks.

Why is she playing a videogame theme song on her rare and exotic instrument? Oddly enough, it turns out that record companies aren’t exactly lining up to sign harpists to big contracts, so Grassie has been taking requests for covers in order to help fund her next album. As of yesterday, her Kickstarter campaign had broken the $12,000 dollar mark, thanks in no small part to the Elder Scrolls community.

“Thanks so much for taking this viral guys!” she wrote on Youtube. “The Elder Scrolls community has a new, soft, warm place in my heart.”

Kickstarter funding for Grassie’s next album, The Hinter Haus, ends on May 14 so if you’re inclined to put a buck or two in the hat, you might want to be quick about it. And while plans for that recording are already in place, let me go on record right here and now that if she ever puts together a full collection of videogame theme covers, I am totally there. Totally. [Yes, that’s a hint, Gillian. Give it some thought.]

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