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Can You Have Multiple Ships in Starfield?

Here's the Starfield release times around the world.

Starfield lets you sell starships, steal ships, even build your own odd-looking vessel. But what if you want to have more than one ship on the go? If you’re wondering can you have multiple ships in Starfield, I’ve got the answer.

Can You Have More Than One Ship in Starfield?

Yes, you can have more than one ship in Starfield. You can have multiple ships and build your own little collection, though you can only ever have one on the go at once. This is called your Home Ship. So you can acquire a new ship and just begin flying that one, as your new Home Ship,  instead of your previous vessel. You will need to register vessels with a ship worker (you can find them on or near landing pads) to upgrade your Starfield ship. It’ll cost a few thousand credits but once you do that they’re yours. It doesn’t matter if you axe murdered its previous owner. That ship is now clean.

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A UC prison shuttle in Starfield. How can you smuggle contraband?

Where Do Your Other Ships Go When Not in Use in Starfield?

When not in use, your ships enter a magic realm of space-pixies and moon unicorns. I’m only half kidding, because even if you have no outpost, no home base of any kind, your ships will be stored in some kind of pocket dimension. You can then visit any ship worker or ship store and access them to edit or sell. You can also switch ships and choose a new Home Ship. It’s like Resident Evil‘s item boxes. It doesn’t matter where in the universe you go, as long as you can speak to a ship worker, you can select any ship in your inventory.

So, the answer to can you have multiple ships in Starfield is yes.

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