Hearthstone‘s newest Tavern Brawl features the game’s first co-op mode.

One of the most-requested Hearthstone features is some sort of co-op game mode, so that players can play with their friends, instead of just against them. Well, Blizzard has (sort of) granted that request with its latest Tavern Brawl: Unite Against Mechazod.

“Combine forces to defeat Gearmaster Mechazod,” wrote Blizzard in a blog post. “You’ll each be piloting a pre-built deck assembled to give both you and your partner on the other side of the board a chance to take out the technological terror. Each turn he’ll move from your side of the board to your friend’s, and you’ll need to play your cards just right to bring him down together.”


Essentially, rather than being a hero with his own deck, Gearmaster Mechazod is just a minion who can summon other minions, as well as buff himself. The exact mechanics of the game mode still aren’t known (will all your minions be destroyed when your co-op partner’s turn starts? Can you still attack your co-op partner’s face?) but Blizzard did state that if one player is defeated, then both players lose.

Additionally, you’ll no longer have to win a game to get your free pack of classic cards. Simply completing a Tavern Brawl match will reward you with the free pack. We’re not sure if this is a permanent change, or just due to this particular Brawl’s odd mechanics.

While it isn’t quite the full-blown co-op mode fans were waiting for, hopefully Unite Against Mechazod paves the way for more co-op modes in the future!

Source: Blizzard

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