Heavy Rain Dev Sticks to PS3


Don’t expect the next game from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream to show up on the Xbox 360.

While last year’s Heavy Rain had its share of problems, it was also an incredibly unique experience and one of the PS3’s biggest exclusives in all of 2010. Since developer Quantic Dream’s boss David Cage has gone on the record saying there will be no Heavy Rain sequel, might the next game be a multiplatform title?

Not a chance, says Cage.

“We have an exclusive relationship with Sony,” Cage told CVG. “The relationship on Heavy Rain has been fantastic. They trusted us from day one, supported us all the way through. It was really a very risky project [for them] and they never let us down.”

“Being a part of a company with what are probably the best studios in the world is something really pleasant for us,” said Cage, likely referring to other PlayStation-exclusive teams like Uncharted studio Naughty Dog and Sony’s internal team Sony Santa Monica. “We’re happy to continue this relationship and create content for the PlayStation brand. But they fund our projects, so we’re staying exclusive to PlayStation.”

“We have a relationship that works, we’re excited by the platform – we think it’s the best platform out there. We’re glad to continue to work this way.”

While Cage’s remarks – particularly the “best platform out there” bit – seem designed to spark a flame war, Quantic Dream does seem to have perfectly good reasons to stick with Sony. Alas, it means that if you want to pick up DBZ Hobos 3: The Dragonballening and you don’t already have a PS3, you’re going to simply have to pick one up.

(Via Eurogamer)

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