Heavy Rain Developer May Reveal Two New Games at E3


Quantic Dream’s founder will head Sony’s E3 press conference next Monday.

Quantic Dream has kept a pretty tight lid on its next plans following the release of its award-winning psychological thriller Heavy Rain. That looks to change soon, as a “trusted senior development source” told CVG recently that Quantic Dream is currently working on two projects for Sony, one of which may be developed for the Vita.

In addition, Quantic’s founder, David Cage, is scheduled to lead Sony’s Press Conference at E3 next week, which will feature details on a large line up of exclusive Vita and PS3 titles. It’s rumored that Cage may reveal information on Quantic’s next projects during the conference which, given Cage’s previous praise of Quantic’s relationship with Sony, will likely be exclusive to Sony’s platforms.

While the premise of these games remain a secret, Cage demoed a short video detailing Quantic’s newest PS3 game engine this past March. Titled Kara, the short film told the story of a female android who becomes self-aware shortly after her assembly, leading to a philosophical conflict with her creator.

Source: CVG

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