Heists Trailer for GTA Online Shows Us Heat, Amplified


Heists are finally clogging up your Internet tubes…but there is still no concrete release date.

Online heists are finally — finally — coming to Grand Theft Auto V (or Grand Theft Auto Online, whichever label you prefer), and Rockstar has a new trailer showing off some of the heists you’ll be able to pull off.

Whether you’re coordinating with a trio of friends on the platform of your choice, or pairing up with whatever nasty-mouthed 12-year-olds happen to be online, the next component of the GTA Online universe is going to require planning, communication, and probably a healthy dose of frustration.

Based on what we know, and what you can see in the trailer? Online heists appear to be a simplified take on the gameplay that has made Payday 2 such a staple on the PC. I’m not sure that GTA Online will treat player stats, customization, and weapon loadouts with the same level of detail that Overkill has given to Payday 2, but the core concept — planning, robbing banks, messing up the cops with your friends online — is going to be the same.

The real noodle-scratcher here is that we still don’t have a concrete release date. “Early 2015,” is still the word (so perhaps a launch alongside GTA V for PC), but a trailer for an update with no date? This is not the Christmas present we asked for, indeed.

Source: Rockstar Games

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