Hellraid Prequel Tells of “Edyn’s Escape”


Can you lead Brother Edyn to safety in this “Choose Your Own Adventure” style prequel to Deep Silver’s Hellraid?

Two weeks prior to the events of Hellraid, Brother Edyn awoke to find his monastery overrun by monsters of various sorts. This, of course, was a bit of a problem. They seemed bent on doing him harm, and he had foolishly left his weaponry in another room. What’s a brother from another fantasy realm to do?

Get the sword, obviously – or the battle axe, if that’s more your speed – and hightail it out of Dodge. (Some friendly advice: not the battle axe.) Such is the simple goal of “Edyn’s Escape,” a multi-pronged YouTube teaser modeled after the “Choose Your Own Adventures” of old that sets the table for Hellraid. At each step you’ll be presented with a choice: Choose correctly and you’ll move on, but choose poorly and you’re a zombie buffet.

The random and very arbitrary nature of the game may be frustrating, but a do-over is as close as a click of the “back” button, so if you find your face being chewed on in a manner that leaves you uncomfortable, take a step back and try it again. A reward waits for those who successfully make it to the end, and although I won’t spoil it, I will tell you this: Don’t go left!

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