350 px March Mayhem Poll Image

Let your voice be known in the inaugural poll to choose the competitors of March Mayhem 2014.

It’s almost March, and you know what that means; March Mayhem is coming to The Escapist. This is the sixth year that we’ve brought you the premier developer showdown. Turbine won the whole thing in 2008 and 2009 quite handily. Valve crushed its opponents to win in 2010 and 2012. Mojang blocked everyone else out in 2011 to capture the top honors. This year you’re going to add another developer to that illustrious list of winners.

As March Mayhem 2014 approaches, we’re giving you the opportunity to choose which developers get into the show. Not only will you be deciding the outcome of March Mayhem but, for the first time, you will pick who gets to compete. We have two lists of developers – AAA and Independent – to vote on. We did this to make sure that we included a wider pool of developers in the brackets for March Mayhem. The list of AAA developers consists of some of the largest and most prolific development companies in the world. The Independents may not be as large or prolific, but they’ve changed the game in their own right. The stipulation to being included in this list is that they had to have released a game in 2013, which is why some developers have not been included. March Mayhem will have the top eight from each poll compete for the top honors. So hop into the polls now, because they are closing at midnight on February 10th.



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